• $3439

This Velomobile Uses Pedaling Activity to Generate Power

Northern Light Motors, a British startup that’s squarely focused on resolving the future of personal transportation, has launched a spectacular new velomobile that uses a novel pedal design that sets it apart from the competition.

The ‘Northern Light 428’ velomobile’s novelty is a byproduct of the fact that it makes use of a generator that juices a 48-volt battery, which in turn conveys power to the rear hub motor. This hybrid system makes it possible for riders to channel their pedaling activity into electricity storage which can then be harnessed to help their progress when trying to accelerate from a still position or whilst navigating up a hill.

The motor itself is capable of generating 1,000 watts of power, which can translates to an assisted cruising speed of 56 km/h for most riders.

Available for a price of around $3,439, this velomobile is a unique automotive offering due to the novel way in which it harnesses manual pedaling to store electricity.