Mcdonald’s Announced Plans to Sell Its ‘McD Tech Labs’ to IBM

McDonald’s recently announced it will be selling its McD Tech Labs to IBM. The deal is part of a larger agreement with IBM to speed up the development and implementation of the fast-food chain’s Automated Order Taking technology to create efficient drive-thrus.

The sale aims to leverage IBM’s vast experience in artificial intelligence and “accelerate McDonald’s efforts to provide an even more convenient and unique customer and crew experience.” IBM plans to enhance the Automated Order Taking technology with additional languages, dialects, and menu variations.

“There are certain times when it may make sense for us to go acquire a technology so that we can accelerate the development of that, make sure that it is bespoke to McDonald’s needs.” said Chris Kempczinski, the Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s. “But at some point that technology reaches a level of development where I think getting it to a partner who can then blow it out and scale it globally makes more sense.”