The ‘Nixplay Touch Frame’ is Perfect for Keeping Families Connected

The ‘Nixplay Touch Frame’ is a new 10.1-inch touch screen picture frame that lets multiple users upload photos from anywhere, at any time.

The device looks like a standard analog photo frame and presents a useful tool for families seeking new ways to stay connected.

Like other Nixplay models, the ‘Nixplay Touch Frame’ is Wi-Fi compatible and controlled via Google Photos, Amazon Alexa, or the Nixplay App.

Users can upload photos through these avenues or connect to popular apps such as DropBox, Instagram, and Facebook. Once uploaded, photos will be automatically built into the device’s rotation of pictures, customized by category and playlist.

For families feeling disconnected, the ‘Nixplay Touch Frame’ may be beneficial as it allows every member to get involved by uploading photos at their own leisure. Unlike other apps and products designed to bring us together, this digital picture frame standouts as it requires little time commitment from its users.

In addition, considering it can be set up and left alone, the frame makes a perfect gift for a grandparent wishing to stay in touch with the family.

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