An Indian startup gives you Free WiFi whenever you throw garbage in a bin!

Raj, along with his friend Pratik Agarwal, has come up with a perfect way to appreciate those who try and keep their surroundings clean — a brilliantly innovative and amazing Technology — the WiFi Trash Bin.

The founders decided that if it can’t be a pat on the back they can definitely give out something else, something that will not only be useful but will also act as a strong incentive for people to throw garbage where it should be thrown. Thus, they came up with the idea of a specially designed dustbin which gives free WiFi to people who use it.

The router for the connection is a part of the dustbin’s Design.

25-year-old Raj and Pratik started their own organization called ThinkScream in 2011, with the aim of providing new age Technology solutions. B.Com graduates from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, both Raj and Pratik come from non-tech backgrounds. They had to learn the different concepts of development and Programming and other technological concepts on their own.

They began by setting up WiFi networks for places like multiplexes, retails shops, music festivals, and events like trade shows. And for all these places, they developed some unique products.

For example, the WiFi networks that they set up in multiplexes are such that when a person is logged into the network, he/she can order food from providers inside the multiplex without having to leave the seat during the movie, and without the need to download any special app. All the person needs to do is to log into the network and use the custom-designed Website to order food.

In 2013, they were setting up a network at a music festival for the first time. It was the NH7 Weekender, which is the biggest festival for independent music in the country. “We wanted to do something crazy at the festival, something beyond the vanilla WiFi,” says Raj. So they started exploring the kind of problems faced at these festivals.

One major issue they found was that amidst the music, food, drinks, and all the fun, not many people were concerned about cleanliness. At the end of it all, the entire place was left looking like a large garbage dump.

This gave them the idea of incentivising garbage disposal for people whose sole purpose for attending the festival was to have a good time.

What was the one thing they were not getting there? A free and fast WiFi connection. Combine the two things, and voila! — you have a dustbin that generates WiFi codes when you throw in garbage!

For this project, they partnered with two organizations — MTS (sponsors) and Brandmovers (activation agency).

After that, they set up the dustbins in different venues of the festival — Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore.

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