This Quadcopter Can Attain a Top Speed Of Over 400 Km/h

Aerospace company FusionFlight has launched the latest version of the JetQuad, a VTOL drone that is equipped with a quadrant of jet engines that give it a degree of power rarely ever seen in conventional quadcopters.

The ‘AB6 JetQuad’ comes equipped with a 20-liter tank which is capable of providing up to 15 minutes of flight at top speed whilst carrying a payload of 18 kilograms, which means it can traverse even greater distances whilst carrying lighter loads of weight. What makes this all the more impressive is the fact that this VTOL drone will be able to attain a top speed of just over 400 km/h even before any aerodynamic or engine upgrades.

Set to be priced at $100,000, this powerful VTOL drone is clearly targeted towards industry and government applications.