The Conceptual Carbon Capture Refuge X Habitat

The conceptual Carbon Capture Refuge X habitat has been designed by Bless Yee as an architectural solution for the future that would provide scientists with a place to study within the Earth’s troposphere.

The habitat is characterized by its floating construction that would sit high above the surface of the Earth and make use of direct air capture fans along with solar panels.

This would work to capture carbon from the atmosphere and create energy for supporting the various utilities throughout the structure.

The conceptual Carbon Capture Refuge X habitat was explained further by Yee who said, “War-ravaged by political upheaval and nearly rendered uninhabitable by natural disasters, earth’s refugees became ubiquitous.

From the suffering and desperation, a manifestation to live with the earth and not just on the earth emerged. Scientists then developed a habitable living infrastructure known as Carbon Capture Refuge X. This living infrastructure simultaneously provided a sustainable way of living while filtering carbon out of the atmosphere.”