Swedish fuel cell startup myFC is showcasing its portable battery charger based on fuel cell technology.

Using only salt and water to top up batteries, the charger is more ecological than any other, claimed My Ernevi, marketing manager for myFC.

The fuel-cell module generates electricity when a cartridge containing water and salt is inserted into it. The device starts charging a smartphone in about a minute when it is connected with a cable to the handset.

One cartridge can finish a full smartphone charge in about two hours.

The power output has been doubled during the past year, and the company has figured out a way to boost output by another 30%.

Unlike ordinary fuel cells using hydrogen, the product is safe and can be carried on international airline flights, according to myFC.

The product is already attracting attention in Sweden as a portable battery charger that doesn’t require a battery, according to Ernevi. The company hopes to sell it globally.

Wireless charging is another important technological trend in the mobile telecommunications industry.

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