The Standup 2.0

The Standup 2.0 by Bevi is the beverage tech company’s new smart water cooler for commercial spaces. This new beverage dispensing solution gives users the freedom to customize filtered and sparkling water to their liking in seconds by changing the temperature, carbonation level, flavors and enhancements.

This solution helps to reduce dependence on single-use packaging by delivering high-quality filtered, sparkling and naturally flavored water on tap. “When we launched our 1.0 machine, our goal was to match the quality and convenience of bottled water and seltzer.

The purpose of 2.0 is to offer a superior, customized, fun way to drink water that simply can’t be matched by bottled beverages,” says Sean Grundy, Bevi Co-Founder and CEO.

Standup 2.0 elevates the water cooler experience with an ergonomic design and the ability to enhance refreshments with vitamins and electrolytes.