Nextech Launches ARitize For Minting 3D Models into NFTs

Nextech AR Solutions Corp., a leading augmented reality and metaverse-focused tech company, has announced the launch of ARitize 3D, a new tool that enables brands to mint NFTs of their 3D models and holograms.

In addition to this exciting announcement, the company also stated that by Q2, 2022, users will have the ability to showcase these newly minted NFTs in any metaverse, including those created using Nextech’s ARitize Maps, which allows users to build their own “mini metaverses.”

With the launch of ARitize 3D, Nextech believes that it will become the world’s leading 3D modeling factory, as it offers brands a fully-integrated solution for entering the metaverse by allowing them to turn their 2D assets into high-quality 3D augmented reality content.

“A brand can turn a product into a 3D model, mint the 3D model and control that 3D model all through the supply chain, offering the manufacturer a way to elevate the consumer experience and maintain brand control and integrity into the metaverse,” explains Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech.