Lime’s Gen4 E-Bikes and Scooters Feature Interchangeable Batteries

‘Lime,’ the San Francisco-based electric transportation company, has debuted the ‘Lime Gen4 E-Bike’ and ‘Gen4 E-Scooter’ in Washington, D.C. What is notable about the Gen4 line, as opposed to its predecessors, is that the battery on the Gen4 transportation vehicles are swappable.

This means that, not only can the battery be swapped between the bike and the scooter, but an individual can carry multiple batteries to swap into their bike.

On top of being more convenient for the consumers, this new feature will also save Lime money through its charging service. Currently ‘Lime Juicers,’ which are individuals who sign up to drive Lime charging vans, have an on-call service where they will drive out to charge several bikes at a time.

With the new swappable batteries, these vans have to make less trips because they can charge more batteries per trip, which also reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.