This Camera is Designed For Industrial Imaging Applications

Vision Research, a New Jersey company that is dedicated in innovating new and futuristic forms and processes for electronic imaging, has launched a high-tech Machine Vision camera that is able to capture spectacularly pristine 4K video at a monstrously high 937 frames per second.

The Phantom S991 Machine Vision camera’s unique performance attributes come from the fact that its CMOS sensor has a 6.75-micron pixel, which may sound like a small figure but happens to be larger than most high-resolution machine vision cameras.

The end result is a camera whose frames per second specs are quite simply mind-boggling when used at lower resolutions, with a maximum of 52,080 frames per second achievable at a resolution of 2,048 x 16 pixels.

Unsurprisingly, this camera isn’t being targeted towards the casual consumer photography market but is rather positioned as a high-tech imaging solution for industries ranging from engineering to manufacturing.