The Bona BV351AA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Uses UV Light

The Bona BV351AA Robot Vacuum Cleaner is coming to CES 2022 and it stands out against comparable robot vacuums for its use of UV light.

The robot vacuum cleaner boasts all of the features that people have come to know and expect from this handy household cleaner, plus the ability to sanitize floors against viruses, germs and microbes.

With advanced artificial intellience, the Bona BV351AA Robot Vacuum Cleaner also distinguishes itself as a solution for households of the future.

Ultraviolet light has been used for decades to kill germs and bacteria, and its disinfecting powers got a boost during a time when sanitizers were needed most.

This newest addition to Bona’s family of robot vacuum cleaners joins other solutions for simple, thorough and effective household cleaning.