‘Desktop Health’ Is Growing Its Range of Personal Medical Products

‘Desktop Health,’ the 3D printing technologies company focused on personal medical solutions, has announced the ‘Einstein Dental series’ of 3D printers.

This series will focus on rapid, on-demand printing of personal, customizable medical materials for dentist offices.

The Einstein Dental series prints high-precision resin materials from accurate molds.

The heat management in these printers makes it so that they can print these materials at a 50% quicker rate than their predecessors.

On top of this, the health materials printed from Einstein Dental printers are clear and natural-looking, as opposed to the rubbery-yellow color of many alternative printers.

These desktop medical devices are suited for on-demand printing, meaning that dental professionals can quickly input and generate a material that they need for procedures without needing to reschedule the patient for another appointment in the future.

Not only will this save patients’ time and money, but these printers will save the time and money of dentist offices as well.