OWC Has Unveiled the ‘Atlas’ Line of Data Management Solutions

OWC, the premier manufacturer of zero-emissions technology for PC and Mac, has debuted the ‘OWC Atlas Series,’ which includes several professional-grade media storage management devices.

There are four storage devices in the Atlas series. The first model, the ‘OWC Atlas S Pro,’ is available now, while the other three will be released in Q2 2022.

The Atlas S Pro offers writing speeds of up to 276MB/s and reading speeds of up to 290MB/s, while the ‘Atlas Pro’ and ‘Atlas Pro Ultra’ both feature much greater speeds for heavy-duty professional video content work.

The Pro and Pro Ultra models deliver speeds of up to 1400MB’s and 1700MB/s, respectively, which is enough to easily work with high resolution 8K content.

The fourth device in the Atlas series is a compact device designed for portability and convenience. The ‘OWC Atlas FXR’ is near the size of a debit card, and OWC claims it is the smallest Thunderbolt CFexpress card reader on the market.

The Atlas FXR supports the maximum speed of the CFX, Thunderbolt, and USB cables that it interfaces with.