Shiftall Releases the Metaverse-Ready MeganeX Headset With Panasonic

Specialty tech company Shiftall has teamed up with Panasonic to launch the MeganeX, a lightweight VR headset that boasts an unusual design geared towards metaverse gamers.

Closer to a pair of clunky glasses than a full-blown headset, the MeganeX was designed for superior comfort and versatility.

For example, users won’t have to strap the device to their heads as it comes equipped with spectacle-like stems that rest on the ears.

Meanwhile, the eyepiece resembles a pair of binoculars with two rounded eyecups.

According to the company, the entire setup weighs only 250 grams and is compact and foldable, just like a regular pair of glasses.

In terms of specs, the MeganeX features a 1.3-inch microdisplay, a Snapdragon XR1 platform, head-tracking with 6DoF head position detection, and built-in speakers.