Respyre Has Developed Eco-Concrete Technology to Encourage Plant Growth

Moss growing on concrete is usually a sign of a larger problem with the structure or surface, but Respyre is working on developing eco-concrete technology that would work to change this.

The concrete is formulated to actually encourage moss to grow, which would introduce more greenery into the urban landscape and offer the additional benefits that come from it.

This includes absorbing heat and water to support growth, preventing environmental stress and much more.

The Respyre eco-concrete technology is presently being developed by the company which spoke further saying that they’ve, “…developed an innovative, patent-pending, bio-receptive concrete solution.

After hardening, the bio-receptive concrete’s surface accommodates the growth of moss. Several unique characteristics of our concrete make it bio-receptive which include its porosity and water retainment, micropore texture, acidity, and nutrients that are included in the mixture.”