The Koleda ‘Ember’ Compact Electric Heater

Essential home appliances like heaters are often characterized by their function over form, which is something the Koleda ‘Ember’ compact electric heater aims to change with a fashionable design that doesn’t skimp on power.

The compact appliance features an almost Dyson-inspired design that elevates the simple unit to a chic solution for staying warm in the winter months.

The unit is rated to heat up spaces as large as 215-square-feet and has a 1,200W capacity, while the ceramic heating element inside the unit will distribute heat evenly with a powerful yet silent built-in fan.

The Koleda ‘Ember’ compact electric heater features a connected design that will allow for app-based control and also features the Smart Zoning feature that will enable users to link multiple units for a room-by-room heating functionality.