The Intel 12th Get Core Alder Lake Processor Arrives in March

The Intel 12th Get Core Alder Lake processor has been announced by the brand as its latest chip model that is intended to provide support for laptops that require power to keep them functioning at an optimal level.

The chip will come in a total of 20 varieties that are all focused on crushing mobile productivity by supporting the needs of prosumers and professionals alike.

The compact design also accommodates the increasingly compact size of many laptops heading to the market.

The company commented on the new Intel 12th Get Core Alder Lake processors saying, “Following our launch of the fastest mobile processor for gaming, we’re now expanding our 12th Gen Intel Core processor family to deliver a massive leap forward in performance for thin-and-light laptops.

From the ultra-thin form factors to enthusiast-grade performance in a sleek design, we’re providing consumers and businesses with leadership performance and cutting-edge technologies.”