Sony Introduces a Limited Edition ‘Black Sesame’ Aibo Robot Dog

Consumer electronics giant Sony has announced the launch of a new limited edition ‘Black Sesame’ Aibo Robot Dog, which arrives with a gray coat and four different eye color options, including green, blue, pink, and orange.

Similar to Sony’s previous model, the new ‘Black Sesame’ Aibo features built-in facial recognition technology and the capacity for unique everyday interactions through which it can develop its own “personality.” The new robot companion can also be managed through the My Aibo app. In addition, users can now name their Aibo and add new tricks to their repertoire via the Aibo AI Cloud Plan.

Making the Aibo experience all the more immersive, users will also now have the option to purchase gadgets and playtime accessories such as bone-like toys, dice, balls, virtual pet food, and water bowls.