These Yamaha E-Bikes Feature New Drive Units

These new Yamaha e-bikes are being launched by the brand to offer riders access to impressive power and performance that is focused on specific needs or preferences.

The bikes come in the form of the CrossCore RC commuter and the Wabash RT gravel bike, which are both equipped with impressive drivetrains that will offer up to 28mph of pedal assist across four power modes.

Riders can also take advantage of technology features like Bluetooth connectivity, stopwatch functionality, a USB charging port, LED headlamp and more, depending on the model.

Rob Trester commented on the new Yamaha e-bikes saying, “These new models will offer great riding experiences to bicyclists for all of the three fastest-growing segments in cycling: electric bicycles, gravel riding, and bicycle commuting.

They’re versatile, do-anything bikes with 28-mph Class 3 speed assist. Yamaha’s pioneering experience, quality and reliability will give riders both the performance and the confidence that they’re on the best ebikes available.”