Light Field Lab Launches New Hologram Display Platform, SolidLight

Last year, holographic tech startup Light Field Lab announced the launch of its SolidLight Platform, a modular video wall that can be used to project 3D holograms without the need for a VR headset or dedicated AR tool.

According to the company, the new solution will deliver 3D visuals unlike anything else on the market.

The new platform is powered by the brand’s proprietary WaveTracer™ technology. As a result, the displays are made up of a 28-inch SolidLight Surface Panel, each of which can deliver 2.5 billion pixels per 3D object.

The projections themselves — referred to by the company as ‘SolidLight Obejects’ — are able to move, reflect, and rafract realistically in physical environments. In addition, much like real physical objects, the holograms change depending on a viewer’s physical location and perspective.

“It’s only after you reach out to touch a SolidLight Object that you realize it’s not actually there. SolidLight redefines what is perceived as real, reshaping visual communications, audience engagement, and customer experiences forever,” said Jon Karafin, CEO of Light Field Lab.