B’ZEOS is Creating Edible Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

B’ZEOS is a Norway-based material science company that is creating a line of edible packages for foods. In an effort to reduce the world’s use of single-use plastics, B’ZEOS has created edible packaging prototypes through the use of seaweed.

Seaweed was selected as the base due to the material’s versatility in shaping and the fact that it does not require a complex growing process.

Seaweed does not consume freshwater or require growth chemicals.

Currently, B’ZEOS has an edible drinking straw made from the seaweed-based materials it has created. In addition to creating this straw, B’ZEOS has already partnered with companies such as Nestle and ‘Aitiip,’ has received funding from various companies, and is seeking further partnerships with businesses looking to utilize its products.