The Gerber Stake Out is the Perfect Multi-Tool for Outdoor

Geber Gear has announced the launch of the Gerber Stake Out, a one-of-a-kind multi-tool designed for hardcore adventurers and camping enthusiasts. In particular, it has been built to accommodate tent camping.

For example, the tool features a built-in tent stake puller that makes pulling down and packing up one’s camping tent a much faster and more efficient process.

In addition, the Gerber Stake Out features a wide variety of useful tools including scissors, a mini saw, a file, an awl, a ruler, tweezers, a Ferro rod striker, and of course, a knife blade. What’s more, the tool comes with its own built-in carabiner, allowing users to attach the multi-tool to a backpack or belt.

For those interested, the Gerber Stake Out is currently available in three colorways on Geber Gear’s website.