Mobvoi’s ‘TicWatch GTH Pro’ Measures Long-Term Artery Health

‘Mobvoi,’ the Beijing-based consumer electronic company, has unveiled its newest health wearable, the ‘TicWatch GTH Pro.’ The company has stated that this wearable watch is the first health wearable that tracks arterial health, or the long-term health of one’s arteries.

Mobvoi has released an accompanying platform named ‘Arty Heart Health’ which analyzes various health metrics over time, such as arterial waveforms and pulse strength.

This watch is intended to be as accurate as possible in its reporting of heart health and risk of heart disease. Through an EKG sensor on the side of the watch, two optical heart rate sensors, and daily prompts to measure arterial health, the TicWatch GTH Pro generates an ‘Arty Score.’ This score represents heart stress, arterial age, exercise capacity, and blood flow.