Lumi by Pampers is an IoT-Based Baby Care Platform

American consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble has launched Lumi by Pampers, an all-in-one “connected baby care system” that combines physical activity sensors with a smart HD video monitor.

These technologies are used to deliver information to a sleek and intuitive app where parents can keep tabs on their baby’s feeding, sleep, and diapering patterns in real-time.

The innovative new platform was designed in collaboration with The Wonder Weeks, a leading baby development company.

What differentiates Lumi from other baby monitoring apps is that it transforms the data acquired by its sensors and smart video into actionable insights to help parents guide the development and growth of their babies.

“Parenting is the most important job you’ve never done, and it was clear there was an opportunity to enable parents to better anticipate their baby’s needs.

Lumi solves this by helping parents blend real tracking data with their own intuition in a frictionless way as they find their rhythm as a family,” said Omer Sher, Head of the Start-up Pampers team.