The Tronsmart Bang 60W Speaker Has a Built-In Reactive Lightshow

‘Tronsmart,’ the high-quality Chinese tech accessory brand, has unveiled its newest portable speaker, the ‘Bang 60W.’ This portable speaker boasts the ability to sync with up to 100 other Bang speakers to create an amplified surround sound experience.

On top of this, the Bang 60W has “light show” technology that allows it to display a variety of lit-up colors that react to the beat of the song being played.

The Bang 60W utilizes Tronsmart’s patented ‘TuneConn’ technology to deliver a high-quality audio-visual experience. This experience can be customized through the speaker’s mobile application, which allows the user to set the different audio levels, such as the bass or treble.

The Tronsmart Bang 60W features the ability to connect seamlessly to NFC or Bluetooth 5.0 devices, as well as compatibility for older Bluetooth devices.