The SensNode Air Quality Sensor Detects Air Quality with Algorithms

Venn Design’ and ‘Sensgreen’ have announced the ‘SensNode Air Quality Sensor,’ a compact, energy-efficient air monitoring device.

This device samples the air quality around itself and parses this information through an advanced algorithm in order to determine variables in air quality.

Then, the device warns its users about low-quality air or air that can pose a potential health risk.

The algorithm-based system of the SensNode allows it to consume approximately 15% less power than its competitors. On top of this, the device is compact and lightweight.

This means the SensNode can be easily mounted to any wall or piece of furniture with nails, or with double-sided tape to prevent damaging the wall.

Then, once mounted, the bright LEDs on the face of the SensNode clearly convey the quality of the air in the room to viewers that are close or far away from the device.