The SANDMARC Anamorphic Lens Edition

The SANDMARC Anamorphic Lens Edition is an aftermarket photography solution for users in search of a way to enjoy a premium experience when capturing footage in the field.

Designed for the iPhone 13, the lens comes in two sizes including 1.33x and 1.55x, which are both focused on enabling cinematic footage capturing with a field-of-view of ether 113-degrees or 120-degrees.

The lenses will relay as much information to the smartphone lens as possible to maximize shooting capabilities.

The SANDMARC Anamorphic Lens Edition is finished with an antireflective, multi-coated glass that will allow for optimal performance when shooting.

The high-end lenses will create a stunning lens flare when exposed to bright light to give the footage captured a true cinematic quality in a variety of conditions.