L’Oréal and Emotiv Use Neuroscience to Personalize Fragrances

L’Oréal and Emotiv partnered up to create a neuro device that formulates personalized fragrances. The partnership unveiled a multi-sensor EEG-based headset that uses neuroscience to provide precise and customized fragrance advice.

These headsets will be available in-store. It can be difficult to find the right fragrance.

The headsets use emotions to determine the best scent for each customer. While consumers experience proprietary scent families in-store, the headset accurately senses and monitors the wearer’s behavior.

Tan Le, CEO of Emotiv, explains: “We’re simplifying the decision-making process by connecting emotion and scent through technology – in a way no one has done before. Rooted in science and powerful insights, this technological breakthrough will help consumers decode what fragrances are best suited to their needs.”