The Hoto Cordless Screwdriver Has a One-Of-A-Kind Contemporary Design

Home tools manufacturer Hoto Tools continues to reimagine run-of-the-mill gadgets through sleek, contemporary design — this time unveiling the Hoto Cordless Screwdriver.

The new highly compact screwdriver comes with 12 bits, which are stored in a slick alloy storage box. The tool itself features a circular LED shadowless lamp built to illuminate users’ work areas and four torque modes designed to meet varying needs.

In addition, the handheld unit comes with a 1500mAH large capacity battery capable of running over 1000 screws before needing a recharge.

Much like Hoto Tools’ other products, the Hoto Cordless Screw Driver boasts a unique aesthetic style that works to hide the device’s functionality.

At first glance, the tool could even resemble a mini wireless speaker or futuristic vape pen.