The ‘Packtalk Edge’ is More Streamlined Than Its Predecessors

Cardo has launched a high-tech motorbike intercom called the ‘Packtalk Edge’ with the intention of establishing its flagship product as a truly premium offering thanks to the manner in which it combines an elegant design, ease of use and technologically advanced specs.

The ‘Packtalk Edge’ motorbike intercom has a slimmer structure than its predecessors and also gets rid of the exposed antenna.

Elsewhere, the very task of attaching the ‘Packtalk Edge’ to your motorbike helmet has been made a whole lot simpler thanks to the inclusion of a magnetic snapping mechanism.

Meanwhile, all the pertinent settings can be handily controlled through a companion smartphone app, while Bluetooth pairing and fast charging further boosts functinoality.

Available for $389.95 for a single unit or $699 for a pair, this motorbike intercom is a must-buy for any consummate motorcyclist who wants to stay connected to the rest of the pack while out on the road.