LinkedIn’s Newest Pilot Delivers Professional-Targeted Podcasts

LinkedIn has debuted the ‘LinkedIn Podcast Network’ pilot project.

This section of the website was launched following the success of previous podcast experiments under the ‘LinkedIn News’ network.

Podcasts hosted on this network will be targeted towards working professionals, as such, they will be hosted by experts both at LinkedIn and in certain industries.

The podcast network will have features similar to other media platforms such as YouTube, meaning listeners can comment on podcasts to keep the conversation going long after the broadcast has ended.

The podcasts hosted on this network will not be exclusive to the network, though, as they will also be uploaded to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other popular platforms. The incorporation of a podcast network into LinkedIn is mainly geared towards delivering this type of long-form content to people who may typically not go out of their way to find it on other media platforms.

On top of this, the LinkedIn Podcast Network will be an excellent organizational tool for locating nonfiction, information-based podcasts.