Mobile Klinik’s ‘Sustainability Credit’ Incentivizes Recycling

‘Mobile Klinik,’ the Canadian technology repair company famous for its fast and reliable repairs, has announced a new sustainability credit and recycling initiative to reduce the amount of e-waste produced by the tech industry.

The sustainability credit offers customers a $5 CAD monthly discount on their phone bill when they activate a repaired or pre-owned phone at Mobile Klinik.

Additionally, Mobile Klinik has the widest range of certified pre-owned devices in Canada.

It has thousands of Apple, Google, Samsung, and other popular phones available at its locations across Canada.

Each of these phones has undergone a 23-point inspection, meaning they are essentially guaranteed to work like new. In the event that an unforeseen error arises with the phone, in-store activations of repaired or pre-owned phones come with a 1-year warranty.

While the sustainability credit allows customers to save on monthly fees, the company is also offering customers a $100 CAD discount on pre-owned or repaired devices when the device is activated in store.

With these new sustainability initiatives, Mobile Klinik is doing its part to reduce the large amounts of e-waste produced each year, which is estimated to be nearly 57.4 million tons.