This New Walmart Canada Supercenter is Arriving in 2023

This new Walmart Canada Supercenter is being launched by the brand as part of a $20-million investment into sustainable retail that will hone in on a new strategy as part of new developments.

The sustainability-focused Supercenter will be situated in Montreal, Quebec where it will features a 125,000-square-foot green roof along with ultra-low flow restrooms as well as recycled building materials in the structure itself.

LED lighting throughout the store and its offices will help to reduce energy levels during operating hours and beyond.

Walmart Canada Regional VP for Quebe Cyrille Ballereau spoke on the new Walmart Canada Supercenter location saying, “More Quebecers are choosing to shop with us online via curbside pickup and this unique store design will allow our associates to better serve busy families to save them time and money.

We’re also implementing several sustainability features because Walmart’s goal is to make as light a footprint on the planet as we can. We can’t wait to open this store next year as we continue to grow in Quebec.”