Muddy Boots Launches Cold Chain Management for Agriculture Industry

Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture is a sustainability-focused tech platform that provides a variety of data-based solutions for both food and farming supply chains.

This week, the company announced the launch of its latest supply chain-focused tool: Cold Chain Management.

The new solution offers businesses a combination of hardware and software that turns products within the supply chain into smart, “self-diagnosing” data sources.

The tool leverages cloud-based technology to identify, measure, and drive improvements in both quality control practices and cold chain infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the hardware components consist of a credit card-sized cold chain tag and a recyclable smart label for temperature monitoring.

“Combining quality and compliance data with temperature performance in an easy-to-use analysis platform. Driving insight into cold chain performance, driving proactive management of potential food safety and quality issues.

Driving efficiency and reducing waste in the food supply chain,” said Jez Pile, Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture director of Enterprise Food Supply Chain Platforms.