• $299

This Device Propels Underwater Exploration From a Compact Package

Waydoo, the Chinese company that first made a name for itself with the introduction of its ‘Flyer ONE’ hydrofoil, is preparing to launch another exciting product into the underwater exploration space in the form of the ‘Subnado,’ a compact underwater scooter that is quite simply unmatched in terms of its low weight and diminutive design.

The ‘Subnado’ underwater scooter has a cylindrical shape, with its generous use of aluminum enabling the weight to kept under 1.5 kg. The device is equipped with an electric motor that is capable of generating 500 watts of power, which translates to a person weighing 65 kg being able to zip along the water at a speed of 1.4 meters per second.

What’s unique about this underwater scooter is that it is used by being attached to the user’s forearm, with the user able to use their thumb to control their movement.

Available on Kickstarter for a pledge of $299, the ‘Subnado’ aims to bring a whole new level of convenience and performance to scuba diving.