This Drone Interceptor Launches a Net to Catch Aerial Intruders

A Lithuanian innovator by the name of Aleksey Zaitsevsky has launched a drone interceptor that takes the form of a quadcopter that is more than capable of intercepting and catching other members of its kind.

The modus operandi of this drone interceptor is deceptively simple yet elegant. When a drone of concern is spotted, the drone interceptor is flown to be positioned right under the intruder.

At the appropriate command, the quadcopter’s propellers detach from its frame and release a Kevlar net which eventually sheaths the other drone and prevents its propellers from turning. At this point, the drone interceptor deploys a parachute so that it can descend safely.

Given its innovative design, there appears to be potential for several drone interceptors to work in concert to carry out aerial patrols.