A Blockchain-Based Reforestation Platform

‘tentree,’ the earth-first apparel brand founded in 2012, has announced the launch of a new business named ‘veritree,’ founded by CEO Derrick Emsley. tentree launched with an official commitment to plant one billion trees by 2030, and since then, the brand has succeeded in planting well over 73 million trees.

Now, with a new campaign and the launch of veritree, the company is accelerating its mission to restore the planet.

The tentree CEO has announced a new exclusive video interview with Jack Harries, the CEO of a ‘Earthrise Studio,’ a digital media platform dedicated to addressing climate issues. Additionally, for each view that this 15-minute video receives, tentree will plant one tree.

This campaign has the potential to make a large impact toward achieving tentree’s goal of one billion trees.

As for the veritree platform, veritree is a blockchain-based, fully integrated platform that intends to use data-driven, securely managed information to provide nature-based solutions for mission-driven companies willing to make a change.

veritree combines both on-the-ground monitoring and blockchain verification tools to improve transparency and trust by leveraging verified data.