These Chopsticks Are Designed to Support Low-Sodium Diets

Japanese food and beverage company Kirin has teamed up with a group of scientists at Tokyo’s Meiji University to develop electric chopsticks that are capable of boosting diners’ perception of saltiness in food that actually has reduced amounts of salt.

These electric chopsticks work in conjunction with a control device and a power supply that can be worn on the wrist.

Using a very mild degree of electric stimulation, these chopsticks are said to be able to boost the activity of sodium chloride ions, which are implicated in salty taste, and sodium glutamate, which form the foundation of sweet taste.

By manipulating the respective ions, the chopsticks alter diners’ perception of taste.

Going forward, the innovators of these electric chopsticks say they will look to continue to tweak and evolve the technology and design of the chopsticks in order to support healthy and low-sodium eating habits.