This Stylish Laptop Backpack is Offered In a Trio Of Sizes

Lovevook, which has made a name for itself by crafting stylish, functional and fashionable accessories ever since it was founded in 2014, is offering a stylish laptop backpack that boasts tremendous versatility and aesthetic appeal.

The eponymous Lovevook Laptop Backpack is available in a range of colors that run the gamut from navy and wine red to understated grey and black.

It is also offered in three different sizes that allow it to cater to laptops measuring in at 14 inches, 15.6 inches and 17 inches respectively.

This laptop backpack offers an array of pockets and sleeves that handle everything from your laptop and tablet to your chargers, power banks and non-tech accessories such as your sunglasses and wallet.

What’s more, this stylish laptop backpack’s aesthetic qualities also mean it is easily adaptable to a wide variety of environments ranging from schools and college campuses to gyms, weekend cottage getaways and airports.

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