The Loodio Smart Device Ensures Your Bathroom Breaks are Uninterrupted

Loodio has announced the release of an auto-playing smart device that plays relaxing music during bathroom visits, making bathroom privacy easier than ever.

The device has a motion sensor that detects when someone is in the bathroom and will automatically play music to avoid interruptions.

The music hides uncomfortable bathroom noises ensuring privacy and saving users from embarrassment. When users leave the bathroom, the music will stop, allowing them to resume regular activities.

Loodie allows users to upload their music wirelessly while still coming equipped with pre-installed music. It can play relaxing sounds simultaneously with a user’s personal music selection, offering a variety of sounds like waterfalls, tropical rain, rippling streams, etc.

The device features glow-in-the-dark compatibility for nighttime, an alarm clock, and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Only 50 models were made of the series 1 model, available now on Kickstarter.