This Assistive Wearable Converts Audio Inputs to Text For Deaf Wearers

Voicee is a Slovenian brand of assistive wearables that uses the ubiquitous eyewear format to be able to convert speech into a text display in order to allow people who are deaf and hard of hearing to be able to communicate with greater ease.

The ‘Voicee’ assistive wearables are equipped with a microphone that can listen to what people are saying. It is also fitted with an Android microprocessor and lithium-ion battery, and uses its technological setup to process the audio input and translating it into text that is displayed on the wearer’s glasses. What’s more, these glasses can work with five languages and weigh less than 100 grams.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo, the ‘Voicee’ assistive wearables can be reserved for a pledge of $540, and are expected to retail for $675 if they reach final production.