• $2100

The Tozzbike Pipegun Kick Bike is Stylish and Practical

The Tozzbike Pipegun electric kick bike is an offbeat take on eco-friendly transportation solutions focused on delivering impressive capabilities and style for young riders.

The bike is characterized by its standing construction with a footboard for the rider to stand on as they go, while a series of conventional handlebars in the front offer a way to steady oneself.

The bike is equipped with a 250W BLDC electric motor that’s capable of pumping out 45nm of toque to accommodate impressive capabilities. This includes a 35-kilometer range and a 12-degree climbing angle, while the battery can be recharged in about eight-hours.

The Tozzbike Pipegun electric kick bike is available now for preorder with just 20 examples up for grabs at a price point of $2,100.