Seagull Provides Exceptional Floor and Wall Cleaning

AIPER has created a wireless wall-climbing pool cleaner. The Seagull 3000 is an intelligent path planning device with triple-drive motors. The machine can clean walls, waterlines and provides exceptional floor cleaning.

The device is equipped with a one-of-a-kind floating battery system that floats above water as the cleaner does its job. The machine boasts a powerful 120W system, better than any other pool cleaner on the market. It features a two-hour run time and can cover up to 3229ft.

The seagull has the ability to auto park, swerve and can be controlled via the app. No other product on the market offers consistent and thorough pool cleaning like Seagaull. With this device, no longer will pool cleaning be a chore.

Those interested in this game-changing pool cleaning machine can purchase it on AIPER’s site.