Osotek is a Dual Self-Cleaning Device Equipped with Hot Air Drying

Osotek is a hot water mopping device with powerful vacuuming capabilities.

The dual self-cleaning device is equipped with hot air drying and water refilling features. Its large tank holds up to 3L of water.

This multitask helper has a high-powered suction to provide the best cleaning experience and save you time. What separates the device from other robotic vacuums is its self-cleaning capabilities.

After cleaning, Osotek immediately cleans and drys its roller brush.

The device saves you both time and the need to kneel and strain your body when attempting to scrub tiles. This process can be gruesome and tiring, making many people put it off for weeks and months on end.

The bacteria and odor that build up are detrimental to your health and pets.

With this intelligent device, your house will always be ready for guests.