Marvel Launches First-Ever Spider-Man NFT Collectibles

Marvel has decided to join the realm of block-chain based collectibles, launching its first-ever Spider-Man NFT collection.

Back in June, the entertainment company announced that it had big plans for entering this burgeoning digital space. And it appears that it is has kicked off its foray with an exclusive NFT rendition of Spidey, which will be available via the VeVe digital marketplace.

The collection will include five different versions of Spider-Man striking five unique poses and will range from “common” collectibles made available to 32,000 buyers to “secret-rare” pieces of which there will only be 1000 of.

According to Veve the introduction of the Spider-Man NFT collection marks the beginning of the marketplace’s “Marvel Month,” which is set to include a slew of superhero NFTs including new Captain America collectibles.