The ‘AnkerMake M5’ is Five Times Faster Than its Competitors

‘Anker,’ the company most famous for its mobile device charging solutions, has unveiled the ‘AnkerMake M5,’ a high-speed, affordable 3D printer.

The AnkerMake M5 was designed to be quick and reliable.

Where many budget 3D printers have parts that often break down, or have very slow print speeds, the AnkerMake M5 solves both of these issues.

Anker claims its 3D printer can print at a rate of up to 250mm/s on its default setting, which is already five times faster than the maximum speed of its direct competitors.

The AnkerMake M5 has a base size of 235mm x 235mm x 250mm, and a 49-point auto bed leveling system.

On top of this, the AnkerMake M5 has various parts that are reliable and quickly replaceable in the event that they malfunction or break down.

For example, the filament chamber can be replaced mid-print to avoid faulty print jobs.