This Helmet-Mounted Light is Activated By a Wireless Signal

A French company by the name of Overade is launching innovative new helmet-mounted brake bike lights that are designed to be triggered by a companion device that is attached to the brake lever of the bicycle.

The ‘OxiLum’ makes use of a magnetic mechanism that works in conjunction with your helmet, though it may also be attached to the bicycle itself.

It works in tandem with the ‘OxiBrake,’ which is situated near the brake lever of the bike, which allows it to detect braking actions before then going about conveying a wireless signal to the ‘OxiLum’ which causes it to light up.

This is claimed to be a more efficient mechanism than bike brake lights that are activated by an accelerometer, due to the fact that those types of lights may not respond to subtle braking.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter, a single ‘OxiLum’ can be reserved for a pledge of around $32, while $59 will get you in the mix for an ‘OxiLum’ as well as an ‘OxiBrake.’ The suggested retail prices for the ‘OxiLum’ and the combo package are expected to be in the range of $55 and $95 respectively.