The Nimbus One Combines the Benefits of Both a Scooter and a Car

California-based electric vehicle brand Nimbus has unveiled its newest EV innovation, the ‘Nimbus One.’ The new all-electric vehicle boasts an innovative three-wheel design and extra-compact structure.

However, its standout feature is its built-in roof, which allows the vehicle to combine “the convenience and cost of a motorbike with the safety and comfort of a car.” The Nimbus One features a pod-like design and is five times smaller than a traditional sedan.

As a result, it is significantly easier to park and maneuver through busy city streets.

“Scooters are fun, but they’re also kind of dangerous, but they lean, so that’s fun… Our vehicle does the same thing, but it takes the skill out of it.

So my mom can get in and start to drive,” explained Nong in a recent interview with TechCrunch.