Skarper Unveiled an Easy-to-Install Conversion Kit for Disc Brake Bikes

Skarper, a United Kingdom-based startup, announced the inaugural Skarper system, an electric bike conversion kit. This kit transforms any disc brake bike into a pedal-assisted EV after a quick and easy installation.

The system works by connecting to proprietary tabs that fasten it onto the chainstay of the bike, allowing it to increase the speed of rotation.

The Skarper system is a single unit solution that contains both an electric drive and a high-capacity battery.

Skarper stated that currently its system is planned for a 2023 release with a price of approximately $1,200 USD, though this price and release date may change, as the item is only in its early testing phase. Skarper has not yet confirmed the top speed or battery life of its system, though it will make riding up hill and riding long distances much easier than manually pedalling.